Our shop is divided into 3 sections, “Canine Cuisine – toys, treats and healthy eats”, “Kitty Kingdom – where cats rule” and “Feathers & Scales and other Tails”. We stock a wide range of veterinary approved foods, both in premium and more budget friendly ranges. In addition we stock prescription diets for specific medical conditions. Exotics are well catered for too with a variety of species food available. We also sell assorted treats for dogs, cats and exotics. Bedding, toys and grooming supplies are available.We are sure you will find a section with goodies your pet will enjoy. Please click on the headings below to find out more.

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“You are what you eat.” How many times have we heard that? Many times, and we all know it is true. You may choose to eat at a fast food place once in a while, but you will make up for it by eating right the rest of the time. Your pets have no choice, they can only eat what you give them, and for the price of one decent cup of coffee a day you can feed them a really, really good food. We have range of good foods to suit different budgets; there is one here for you.

Rough coats, smelly breath and poor condition are often as a direct result of poor nutrition. By feeding a good food, their health will improve, their coat will shine, they will smell better, your veterinary bill will be less in the long run and your conscience will thank you.

So pop in and ask about what food your pet should be eating. Remember as your pet gets older their needs will change, they may need to move from “adult” to “senior” for example. Some foods may be prescribed for certain conditions like arthritis or kidney issues, sometimes a prescription food alone can clear up a medical condition, so it is worth speaking to the Veterinary Surgeon about proper Nutrition.


Toys are good for pets as part of keeping them mentally and physically well. Play relieves boredom, encourages exercise and is a great way for owner and pet to interact. Often “naughty” pets are just bored pets. In cats that are left alone with no companion and no toys they can develop behaviour problems or stress illnesses such as cystitis or urine marking. So if that sounds like a possibility, come and see what we can offer you. For birds we have a variety of toys. Caged birds need entertainment as well as something to keep beak and claw in shape. We have seed toys, wood toys, and leather and bell toys. Dogs are well catered for too, the range for them is massive though, so again, if there is something in particular you want please let us know and we will order it for you.


Ok, very few people out there bath their cats, but quite a few bath their dogs, so let’s talk about dogs briefly. Why can’t you just grab whatever is in your shower and wash your dog with that?

Two main reasons 1: Ph. balance. A dog’s skin is about ph7.5 while human skin is about ph5.5. Therefore; a dog’s skin is alkaline. Ideally a dog’s shampoo ph. should be between 6.5 -7.5 or it could be irritating to the skin. If you wash a dog with and acidic shampoo, like yours, the dog will scratch and irritate their skin.

2: Dogs have sensitive skin. A dogs skin is only 3-5 layers thick while we have about 10-15 layers of skin. So, harsh shampoos with lots of chemicals and those that aren’t Ph. balanced will be irritating. Pet shampoos must be gentle and the correct Ph. to avoid a reaction How often should you bath your dog? Dogs don’t sweat like we do, they pant instead. So depending on whether they live indoors with you or not, and how much of a mucky pup they are, you only need to bath them occasionally. However if they have long hair or coats that are easily matted it is probably best to set up a schedule with a professional groomer to ensure their coat is kept in good condition. Matted coats are a haven for parasites like fleas and it is pointless spending money on flea control if it cannot work properly. If you have a cute white Maltese that lives indoors, with forays into the garden mud patch, chances are it will be washed more often than the Rottweiler that lives outside, and that’s o.k.


We have a wide range of exotic food such as parrot, rabbit, hamster and rat food plus a variety of toys and other accessories. The range of them is extensive and growing, so come and see what we have. If we don’t have the product you require, we will order it for you.

We are sure you will find a section with goodies your pet will enjoy.